Galvanized scaffolding Ladders stair case Bangladesh

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Scaffold Stairs Ladders

On construction sites or other industrial settings, galvanized scaffolding steps are intended to allow quick and easy access to elevated platforms or working locations. To better grasp them, consider these details:

Material: To avoid rust and corrosion, galvanized scaffolding stairs are normally made of steel that has been zinc-coated. The galvanized coating increases the steps’ toughness and longevity, enabling outdoor and long-term use.

Design: The stairs have a robust and secure staircase structure thanks to their numerous steps and landings. Depending on the manufacturer or specifications, the design may change, but in general, the stairs have a sturdy structure with handrails and toe boards for extra safety.

Assembly: To connect to the scaffolding system or platform, the galvanized scaffolding stairs are normally put together on-site. They are adaptable for many applications and configurations thanks to their ease of attachment and detachment.

Safety Features: Scaffolding steps must have certain safety features. To offer support and avoid falls, they include handrails on both sides. Tools and materials can’t tumble off the stairs with the help of toe boards, which are normally fixed at the edge of the staircase.

Non-Slip Surface: Galvanized scaffolding stairs typically include a non-slip surface, such as a raised pattern or grated substance, on the steps. The risk of accidents is decreased thanks to this innovation, which guarantees good grip even in slick or wet circumstances.’

Load Capacity: Galvanized scaffolding steps are made to support big weights and have a high load capacity. Depending on the particular design and characteristics, the load capacity may change. To preserve safety, it is critical to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and make sure the steps `are not overburdened.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial even though galvanized scaffolding stairs are resistant to rust and corrosion. The performance and durability of the stairs can be preserved by checking for any indications of deterioration, making sure that the connections are safe, and taking care of any problems very away.

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Product name

Steel Step Ladder, Galvanized scaffolding Ladders stair case.


Apartment, Construction.


Insulation Ladders.


Step Ladders.

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Type 1 – 250 lbs.

Surface treatment



Industrial Ladders, scaffold ladder.


Steel, Steel.


Building Construction.




Standard, Customizable.




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