Lovol 40 KVA / 32 KW Diesel Generator | Neve Corporation

৳ 650,000.00

Engine Details:

  • Manufacture Country: China
  • Engine Make: Lovol Perkins
  • Engine Model: 1003TG
  • Standby Capacity: 44 kVA / 36 kW
  • Voltage Adjust Range: ≥±5%
  • Frequency / Speed: 50/60 Hz
  • Control System: DSE (Full Digital Controller)
  • Exciter Type: Brushless, self-exciter type
  • Weight: 730 kg
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Lovol 40 kVA / 32 kVA diesel generator | 3-Phase Canopy Generator in Bangladesh

Introducing our best generator, the world-class Lovol 40 KVA. It belongs to the Lovol series, specifically the model 1003TG. Manufactured and shipped from China, this generator features a 3-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 100mm and 127mm, respectively. Its power standby capacity is 44 KVA / 36 KW, and it consumes fuel at a rate of 207 g/kW/h when operating at 100% load. The exciter type is brushless.

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  • Engine Details:

    • Engine: Lovol Perkins.
    • Engine model: 1003TG.
    • Number of cylinders: 3.


  • Electrical Specifications:

    • Phase: 3-phase.
    • Voltage: 400–220 volts.
    • Frequency: 50 Hz.


  • Performance Specifications:

    • Prime power capacity: 40 kVA / 32 kW.
    • Standby capacity: 44 kVA / 36 kW.
    • Voltage range: ≥±5%.
    • Frequency/Speed: 50/60 Hz.


  • Types Available:

    • Open, canopy, and trailer types.


  • Battery Configuration:

    • 2 sets of 12V batteries (24V total).


  • Controller:

    • Digital DSE (Deep Sea Electronics).


  • Controlling System:

    • DSE (Full Digital Controller).


  • Exciter Type:

    • Brushless, self-exciter type.


  • Dimensions:

    • 2100 mm (length) × 845 mm (width) × 1650 mm (height).


  • Weight:

    • 730 kg.


  • Warranty:

    • 365-day warranty.


  • Availability:

    • Ready stock (soundproof, canopy, open type).


  • Delivery Time:

    • Any time after payment.


  • Delivery & Servicing:

    • Available all over Bangladesh.



Why buy a Lovol 40kVA diesel generator? 

Lovol is a super great generator brand, and their 40kVA diesel one is fantastic. It’s really strong and works well in places like factories, homes, schools, and offices.


Why are our prices the best for generators?

We offer generators at competitive prices in Bangladesh. Our pricing isn’t limited to the local market; we consider international rates as well. Whether it’s a product priced at 100 million or less, rest assured that we will provide you with a high-quality generator within your budget. So, purchase the Lovol generator from Neve Corporation today for only ৳ 650,000 BDT.


Many generator providers are in the market, but why choose Neve Corporation? 

Neve Corporation is a leading generator company in Bangladesh. We have been selling generators online since 2018, allowing us to understand the needs of our customers. You can find generators from leading companies, such as Cummins, Ricardo, Perkins, Lovol, Delta, Honda, John Deere, and Weichai. In addition to Bangladesh, we provide services in 5 languages on our website, reaching 200 other countries worldwide. We offer generators ranging from 5 KVA to 500 KVA. Our customer service is available 24/7 to solve any problem. So, buy the generator you require from Neve Corporation today. Click for pricing on all our generators.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 2100 × 845 × 1650 cm

Lovol 40 kva 3 phase generator, Lovol 32 kw diesel generator.


Lovol Perkins.

Engine Model


Capacity Prime Power

40 kVA, 32 kW.

Number of Cylinders


Dimention (L*W*H) mm



100mm x127mm.

Country of origin


Standby Capacity (kVA / kW)

44 / 36.

Voltage adjust range


Frequency / Speed

50/60 Hz.

Available in Ready Stock

Soundproof / Canopy / Open type.

Delivery Time

Any time after payment.

Phase / Voltage / Frequency

3 Phase / 400-220 Volt / 50 hz.

Warranty Deadline

365 Days Warranty.

Controlling System

DSE [Full Digital Controller].

Exciter type

Brushless, Self exciter type.

Weight (kg)



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