Ricardo 13.5kVA / 11kW Generator

৳ 365,000.00

Some Features:

  1.  AC output female sockets 02.
  2.  Ac circuit breaker – yes.
  3.  Oil warning lite – yes.
  4.  No of wheel system is 04 nos.
  5. Foreign Canopy.
  6. 13 kva Available Brand: Hyundai, Honda, Perkins and Ricardo.

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Are you looking for trustworthy power options? Here is our design with the Bangladesh market in mind. Look nowhere else! High-quality performance and dependability. Here are features of our selection of 13 kVA diesel generators. Which also includes quiet 11 kW units. You can rely on the products. From names like Ricardo, Perkins, Hyundai, Honda, and Hyundai. To meet your power requirements to the highest standard.

Here is our 13.5kva diesel generator. This portable generator is easy to move anywhere. It has a 4-wheel system in built. The engine model is HR2V92 most powerful engine. The frequency of this generator is 50hZ. They rated output for all time 11kW. Alternator made with 2-pole and self-exciter type. The power factor single phase is 01. The power factor for the three-phase is 0.8. Its has a mind-blowing option electric starting system. Cylinders system V-twin cylinders in-build. Continuous can be run for 08 hours. Fuel tank capacity 30 liters which are 8-10 hour running base. Noise level is more average than other generators 68dBA to 75dBA: air-cooled type engine and 4-stroke diesel engine. The compression ratio level is 19:01. Lubricant oil capacity needs 04 liters.

Why Choose Neve Corporation 13 kVA Diesel Generators:

High Power Output: Our 13 kVA generators. Its deliver a robust 11 kW of power. Ensuring that you have sufficient electricity to meet your needs. Whether at home or in a business setting.

Silent Operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment. With our silent generators. These machines are designed with noise reduction in mind. Making them ideal for residential and commercial use.

Trusted Brands: We provide generators from Hyundai, Honda, Perkins, and Ricardo. All of these generator brands are well-known. For their high standards of construction and dependability.

Fuel Efficiency: Diesel generators are renowned. For their high fuel economy. Allowing you to maximize return on investment. While lowering operating expenses.

Reliable Backup: Having a trustworthy backup power source. Is essential in a nation like Bangladesh. Where power outages can be frequent. When you need electricity the most. Our generators are designed to deliver it constantly.

Customer-Centric Service:

At nevecorporation.com, client happiness is our top priority. Our team is prepared to help you select the ideal generator. For your unique needs. From product selection through installation and maintenance. wWe offer complete assistance.

Don’t allow power outages ruin your life or your business. Purchase a top-notch 13 kVA diesel generator right away. Browse our range of quiet generators from Hyundai, Honda, Perkins, and Ricardo. To enjoy a continuous power source that is specifically designed for the Bangladesh market.

Visit our website or get in touch with us at 📞 Call us at 01751-452686, or 01628-905963. 🌐 Visit our website: https://nevecorporation.com/ with questions and orders. Make a wise decision and trust us to protect your power supply!

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Additional information

Weight 360 kg
Dimensions 1320 × 820 × 930 cm

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Rated output

13 kva, 11kW.

Max output

15 kVA, 12 kW.

Compreson ratio



50 HZ.

Fuel tank capacity

30 Liter.


2-Cylinders in-Line.

Cooling Method


Dimention(L x W x H)

132cm X 82cm X 93cm.

Gross Weight(KG)



Single Phase & 3-Phase.

Rated Voltage

220 Volt (230-380V).


Soundproof, Silent, Foreign Canopy.

Starting Mode

Self / On / Off / Auto.



No. of Whele

Four Whele System.


Ready Stock.

Origin or Shipment



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