Weichai 688 kva | 550 kw Diesel Generator Bangladesh

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A high-power generator set is a 688kVA Weichai generator. The company that makes that is Weichai Power Co., Ltd. a well-known producer of diesel engines and generators in China. somebody purchases this kind of generator. is most likely a company or organization. That need a trustworthy backup power supply. to guarantee continuous functioning in the case of a power failure.

Customers who might purchase a 688kVA Weichai generator include:

  1. Large industrial facilities: Ample power may be provided by this generator to large industrial facilities to support essential industrial activities. and tools, including industrial facilities, data centers, and substantial machinery.
  2. Hospitals and healthcare facilities: These establishments need a constant. and dependable power supply to guarantee continuous patient care. The backup power can be provided by a 688kVA Weichai generator. ensuring in the case of a power loss. that life-support systems and medical equipment continue to function.
  3. Commercial buildings and offices: Workplaces like office buildings. A backup generator may guarantee retail malls & also it can use for heavy-duty work. This Weichai is designed for heavy work for the factory, commercial space, construction work, and other work. During a power outage, critical systems including elevators, lights, and security systems continue to function.
  4. Military installations and government facilities:  Both of these types of buildings need dependable power sources. in order to preserve security and support crucial activities. In the case of a power loss, a 688kVA Weichai generator can supply backup power, assuring the continuous operation of crucial equipment.

Customers for a 688kVA Weichai generator as a whole. This probably includes companies and other organizations that need high-capacity backup power. source to maintain crucial systems and guarantee ongoing operation even when the power is unavailable.

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Additional information



Prime Power

688 kva, 550 kw.

Standby Power

756 kva, 605 kw.

Dimention (L*W*H)




Engine Model




Power Factor




Engine HP

633 kw HP.


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