Fuji 800 kg / 10 Person Passenger Lift

৳ 2,350,000.00

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Fuji 800 kg / 10 Person Passenger Lift.

Fuji 800 kg / 10 Person Passenger Lift, If you are looking for a quality passenger lift or home lift for the building,  you can see this FUJI 800 kg elevator that can carry around 10 people each time. This iconic elevator has been gearless driving system, high speed, and low-speed facilities, For main connection needs to run 400V. and 3 Phase of power supply, and many more features that will ease your work. Fuji always maintains its product quality. That’s why they are now dominating the elevator market. The features of this elevator, shaft, motor, car door, landing door, cabin, space, warranty, safety features everything is given below in detail. Here is a 13 person elevator:https://nevecorporation.com/product/fuji-1000kg-freight-elevator/.


Fuji Elevator

Country of Origin



800kg / 10 Person.

Traction Machine

Gearless and geared.



Door Opening

Depend on Shaft.

Shaft Size(sw x sd)

1900mm * 2100mm, As Required.

Open style

Center opening / Two panel.

Car Size

As Required.

Delivery Time

25 Days Minimum.


30 days


01 Year Service Warranty.

See Elevator on Wikipedia


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