Corrugated beam W Beam Steel Crash Barrier Highway Guardrail

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Corrugated beam W Beam Steel Crash Barrier Highway Guardrail.

হাইওয়ে গার্ড রেইলিং হাইওয়েতে দুর্ঘটনা প্রতিরোধক রেইলিং হিসেবে অধিক পরিচিত, বাংলাদেশ নিভ কর্পোরেশন হতে ফেব্রিকেশন / যে কোনো সাইজও রেইলিং তৈরি করে নিতে পারবেন, আমাদের রয়েছে ম্যানুফ্যাক্টুরিং প্লান্ট ও হট ডিপ গ্যালভানাইজের দুইটা সুবিধাই রয়েছে। আজি কল করুন নিভ কর্পোরেশনে:

Let’s introduce with W Beam Steel Crash Barrier. This hot deep galvanized guardrail is used for roadway safety purposes. It helps in case happen road crush, its helps crash barrier. High-quality guardrail made with high-quality steel such as Q235 and Q345. These high-quality guardrails has an anti-rust corrosion-resistant system. Guardrails we supply with or without flange plates. To this steel rails use upper-class zinc coating or PVC coating. Guardrail beam style most useful design we have W beam, thrie beam.

Some features to show: 

  1. Great corrosion resistance.
  2. Long and durable.
  3. Good impact resistance.
  4. Environmental protection.

Specification you can see on ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

Quality Products: Neve Corporation takes pleasure. Providing W beam steel crash barriers highest caliber. Our barriers are created and built. In accordance with industry standards. They go through stringent testing to guarantee their efficiency and longevity.

Experience and Knowledge: With years of industry experience, the Neve Corporation. Staff is highly knowledgeable and skilled in offering crash barrier solutions. We attempt to provide specialized solutions. That are suited to each customer. Individual demands since we are aware of their distinct wants.

Delivery on Time: We make every effort to deliver on time. Since we recognize how important it is. Your W Beam Steel Crash Barriers will be delivered. On schedule thanks to our effective logistics system.

Affordable Prices: Neve Corporation provides affordable prices. Without sacrificing quality. We strive to offer solutions. That are affordable while upholding. The highest levels of service and product quality.

WhatsApp/Call us: +8801751-452686.

Additional information


Corrugated beam W Beam Steel Crash Barrier Highway Guardrail.

Guardrail beam style

Thrie beam and W beam.


3200 / 3810 / 4000/ 4300 / 4320(Others size available).








Q235 and Q345.

Size of post

Standard size or customizable.

Surface treatment

Hot dipped galvanized or plastic sprayed coating.

Guardrail standard

JT/T2811995 Guardrail – China, AASHTO M180 Guardrail – USA, RAL RG620 (German) or any International Standards.

Feature of Guardrail

Higher security, corrosion-resistant, impact resistance, high intensity, low cost, long and durable, etc.

Guardrail relevant parts

Fasteners, Bolts & Nuts, Terminal, Reflectors (C, U, H and Sigma types, etc)Post, Spacer.


1 Meter.


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