MOVI 630 kg / 8 Person Passenger Lift

৳ 3,570,000.00

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  • Movi 8 person lift price.
  • 8 Person italian passenger lift price.
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MOVI 630 kg / 8 Person Passenger Lift – Italy.

Are you looking for a compact design and better quality lift for your home in an affordable price? Then you are in right place. Because Neve Corporation provides the best lifts for houses within a short range of price. We also provide service and the installation commission is also included with the price of the lift. This MOVI 630 kg / 8 Person Passenger Lift will render you excellent services through its phenomenal features, safety, quality, and design. There are also some features of the elevator which is manufactured for office with a different design. But MOVI has considered every factor while designing this elevator so that you can get better services by this. If you are interested, then you can check out the technical specifications we give. See Others capacity Fuji 800kg / 10 person Specification.


630kg / 8 Person.

Shaft(sw x sd)

1650mm X 1800mm.


Movi Elevator Co., Ltd.

Traction Machine

4.2 kw Gearless.

Pit Depth

1.5 m.

Origin & Shipment


Shaft Size

As Required.


365 Days.


Passenger Lift / Home Lift.


Center Opening Two panel.

Delivery Mode

L/C Mode.


5 Floors/ 5 Stops/ 5 Doors.


1.0 m/s.

See Wikipedia Elevator Topic


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