Rotatory Caster Wheels 360 Degree – Castor Wheels Bangladesh

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Rotatory Caster Wheels 360 Degree – Castor Wheels Bangladesh

  1. Mounting Options: Caster wheels can be installed in a variety of ways depending on the situation. Plate mount, stem mount, and threaded stem mount are frequently used mounting solutions. Stem mount casters have a stem that resembles a rod that is inserted into a socket or hole, whereas threaded stem mount casters have a threaded rod that is screwed into a threaded socket or hole. Plate mount casters have a flat plate with holes for screws or bolts.
  2. Load Capacity: Caster wheels are available in a range of load ratings to satisfy varying weight needs. The manufacturer will normally provide the load capacity, which is the most weight a caster can support without degrading its functionality or structural integrity. To ensure safe and effective operation, it’s critical to select caster wheels with a proper weight capacity for your particular application.
  3. Wheel Size and Type: Depending on the intended function, caster wheels come in a variety of sizes, from little to enormous. The size of the wheels has an impact on stability, maneuverability, and load capacity. Different wheel designs are also appropriate for various situations and terrain. For example, pneumatic wheels or rubber-treaded wheels are appropriate for outdoor or rough terrain, whereas hard rubber or polyurethane wheels are frequently used for smooth inside floors.

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Additional information


Caster Wheel, Castor Wheel.


PU + Stainless Steel.


2.5 inch , 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, we can customize other size.


Industrial Caster wheel.

Type available

Plate Casters, Stem Casters.

Surface Treatment

Galvanized Plating.


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