Automatic Steel Bar Rod Tying Binding Tool Rebar Binding Tying Machine

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Automatic Steel Bar Rod Tying Binding Tool Rebar Binding Tying Machine.

Automatic rebar tying or rod binding machine, now can rebar binding quickly. This machine has advanced features it’s fast and conviniant. Rebar tying machine saves your money and time. Rod tying machine has fast charging option. Within a single full charge can tying 1200 ties (approximately). An advanced feature easily can handle anyone. Its has a handhold system. We have 2-4 types of rebar tying one of 21 mm. Another one 40mm & 50mm this size.  Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 3000mAh – 9.6V. Extra facilities quick charging mood within 60 Minutes full charge. Rebar tying mood is very easy anyone can do it. A faster knocking system reduces your working time.

নিভ কর্পোরেশনে সব ধরনের রড বাধাই মেশিন সম্পর্কে জানুনঃ

Additional information

Max tying diameter

21 mm, 40mm & 50mm (all available).

Size/dimension (foot)

1.33″ x 0.53″ x 1.37.


3000mAh – 9.6V. (Ni-MH).


60 Minutes(Quick charging type).



Rebar tying maximum

1200 ties knots.

Net Weight

2.1 Kgs.

Wire coil size

0.8mm – Diameter.

Per coil tie limit

260ties(2turns) 21mm, 160ties(2turns)40mm – Approx.

Making a Knot time



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