Cummins 400KVA / 320KW Generator | Neve Corporation

৳ 3,320,000.00

Technical Features:

  1. Size: 3010mm x 1000mm x 1700mm
  2. Voltage: 440V / 380V
  3. Wires / Phases: 4-Wire / 3-Phase
  4. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS): Enables seamless transitions.
  5. Engine: 6-Cylinder Inline for efficient combustion.
  6. Controller: 6120 / 7320 DSE Deep Sea Digital for precise control.
  7. Genset Options: Choose from Open, Canopy, or Trailer configurations.


. Cummins 440 KVA Generator . 320 KW diesel generator.

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Cummins 400KVA / 320KW Generator | Top Cummins Generator Provider in Bangladesh

Are you looking for a strong power solution? Check out the Cummins 440KVA/320KW Generator from Neve Corporation, Bangladesh’s top Cummins generator provider.

Generator Details:

Feel the power of Cummins with this 440KVA/320KW generator. It’s great for backup power or reliable energy in remote places.

Tech Specs:

  • Size: 3010mm x 1000mm x 1700mm
  • Voltage: 440V / 380V
  • Wires and Phases: 4-Wire / 3-Phase



This Cummins generator is loaded with useful features:

  • Easy Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for smooth transitions.
  • A reliable 6-cylinder inline engine for efficient performance.
  • Controller: 6120 / 7320 DSE Deep Sea Digital for precise control.
  • Options: Choose Open, Canopy, or Trailer configurations.



  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: Optional for extra peace of mind.
  • Origin: Choose from China, the USA, or the UK
  • Payment: Cash / Check (Pay in advance)


Ideal for:

This generator suits various needs, including:

  • Heavy Industries
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Emergency Services


Why choose Cummins?

Count on the reliability of Cummins generators. Neve Corporation, your trusted Cummins provider, ensures top-notch quality and performance. We understand the importance of power solutions and offer generators that last.


Ready to Get Yours?

Ready to power up your business with the Cummins 440KVA/320KW Generator? Reach out to Neve Corporation today for:

  • Help in choosing the right Cummins generator.
  • Pricing details and special offers.
  • Smooth purchase experience and ongoing support.


Seller Location: Sylhet-সিলেট, Dhaka-ঢাকা, Rangpur-রংপুর, Rajshahi-রাজশাহী, Chittagong-চট্টগ্রাম, Khulna-খুলনা, Barisal-বরিশাল.

Additional information

Weight 4406 kg
Dimensions 3100 × 1200 × 1700 cm


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