Ricardo Generator 30 kva & Diesel Generator 24 kw Bangladesh
৩০ kva ডিজেল জেনারেটর – 30 kva generator – Dhanmondi, Dhaka - NEVE CORPORATION

Ricardo Generator 30 kva & Diesel Generator 24 kw Bangladesh

The K4100D engine model and Stamford alternator brand on the 30kVA (24kW) Ricardo Generator may provide the following advantages:

  1. Power Output: This generator is capable of producing a sizable quantity of electricity with a power output of 30kVA or 24kW. It could be able to take care of the electrical requirements of modest-sized homes or businesses, construction sites, or other similar applications.
  2. Engine Reliability: The Ricardo K4100D engine type is renowned for its dependability and longevity. In the engine sector, Ricardo is a respected name, and its engines are frequently utilized in many different applications, including generators. The engine’s strong design and functionality can guarantee effective power generation.
  3. Trusted Alternator Brand: Stamford is a reputable and well-known name in the alternator market. Due to their superior performance, dependability, and high-quality manufacture, their alternators are frequently utilized in generators. You can anticipate consistent power output and improved protection for your electrical equipment with a Stamford alternator.
  4. Application Flexibility: This generator’s 30kVA rating qualifies it for a wide range of uses, including backup power for commercial buildings, events, construction sites, and more. It can offer a dependable power source during blackouts or in places where access to the electrical grid is restricted.

Remember, We ensure all these things, it’s essential to consider your specific power requirements, the intended usage scenario, budget, warranty, and after-sales support. It’s recommended to reach out to NEVE Corporation we have experts who can guide you based on your specific needs.

Engine Brand: Ricardo Series.

Engine Model: K4100D.

Alternator Brand: Stamford.

Alternator Model: 184G.

Prime Power: 30 kva / 24 kw.

Standby Power: 33 kva / 26 kw.

Controller Brand: SmartGen.

Controller model: 6120 Digital.

Available Type: Canopy & Open.

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