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Everything you should know about Generator

Generators, the most common term we use whenever we are facing power outages and going to turn on. A generator is the most used survival type of equipment for over one hundred years during pandemics, natural disasters, or outbreaks.

But generators can do more than that as it is the secondary power supplying source for house, hospitals, industry, and other establishments.

So, we are here to let you know all about generator that you need to know so that you can measure the importance, types, uses, and maintenances of generators and choose the right generators for your establishment.

Portable Generators for Outdoor Activities

Well, if you are planning about any outdoor activities like camping, hunting, or shooting, then portable generators will become more convenient and safe in that case.

Though portable generator has low power comparing to other generator, you should thanks portable generator as it can supply enough power run a refrigerator, light, coffee maker that are necessary while camping.

With Ricardo, Lovol, John Deere, Perkins, and Cummins generator, you can run appliances like electric fan in the wood house. That’s a great advantage of portable generator.

Generator For Home, Commercial, and Contractors Uses:

Without electricity, construction workers cannot continue their work. So, the generator plays a vital role in the construction site. Construction workers can continue their work with their tools like spray guns and roofing guns with portable generators that can provide sufficient power.

Another important using area of portable generators is business. Like shops, restaurants, and markets may fall in tremendous loss due to power outrage. But portable generator can run those establishments through its power supply.

Backup electricity source like generators plays important roles in commercial industry like internet based company. If power is out for few hours, they may fall in tremendous loss.

For Backyard Use Generator:

Though we turn on backup power supply generator during power outages, it can also be use as auxiliary electricity source in house or industry.

You can use Saw and Drills though using the portable generators as it can provide enough power. You can use small portable generators for this.

Moreover, you can use portable generators for running sanders and grinders as well as light and fans in house. Pretty cool feature of the generators.

Having alternative source of energy like portable generators in the house will make your task easier.

Backup Generators for Extreme Weather Conditions:

If you are living in a place where you weather places hazardous role in your daily life, then a backup generator like portable generator is a good investment. Most of the time, cold climates place power outages, so you have to run your heaters and backup generators or power generators for home that will be the source from where you get help.

Sometimes, power outages are occurs due to storms like tornadoes. So, if you are living at coastal area, portable generator will be good source of supplying energy.

Since, you are living in a bad climates area; you have to be updated with the news of storm and weather. Moreover, you have to run your electric appliances during power outages. So, backup power source must be needed.

Types of Generators

We discuss the benefits of having and investing in a generator, in your daily life and commercial life. Now we are going to ascertain the types of generators.

Basically there are three types of generators.

  • Heavy Duty Generators
  • Home backup Generators
  • Portable Generators

Home Backup Generators: indoor generator

This backup generator is a long time energy source for home during the power outages of storms and bad weather condition in your area.

Sometimes due to storm, the transmission line may fall down and doesn’t repair for certain reason till a week or so. So, you must need a backup energy source that will save your electric appliances.

Installing a backup generator is completely different from portable generator. Because backup generator is install permanently so that it can serve for a long time as long as the fuel has in it.

Home backup generator is connected to the home electric panel directly and also powered by fuel like natural gas, propane etc. so that you can turn this anytime whenever you want.

When the power outage is happening, an automatic electric transfer is directly transferring the power to the electric panel of your home.

When the power is restored to your house, the automatic transfer is switching off automatically and it also prevents back-feeding energy. That’s why home backup generators can prevents firing and any risks.

Note: your generator must needs maintenance if you continuously use this for a day. And after ten days, you have to change fuel and filter by a skilled technician.

Top gen Energy Backup Generator Price:

Usually, a backup generator price is starting from $3000 to $30000 varying by the size, output, and power without installing services. Usually power generator price is high. However, you there is more variation in power generators. So, you can choose the generator according to your requirements.

You have to contact with a experienced technician who has electrical and plumbing skills as well so that you can ensure the installing is perfect. And most importantly, you have to secure permits before installing a backup generator.

Size of Backup Generator that you need for your home:

Well, it’s important to measure the needs of your family so that you can choose the right home backup generators. We will give an idea about the size of the generator for your home according to the uses.

If you choose an entry-level backup generator, you can get the power output of 4kw to 50 KW. With this power, you can lightning two critical power circuits, a refrigerator, an oven but not all at once.

But if you have a quite large house, then you can choose mid-level generator that has power of 16kw to 80 KW what can power up four lightning electric circuits, a refrigerator, a well pump, a television, a desktop computer, a laptop, and an air conditioner.

Still, if this mid-level backup generator cannot fulfill the needs, you can go to a large generator that can run the whole house all at once with its power output of 45 KW diesel generators.

Alternating Current (AC) Generators:

In AC generators, current flows in reverse direction due to its design.

Since, AC generators can enable low power, so it is used in home and can power up low power electric appliances like food mixers, juicers, and vacuum cleaner. This output voltage has 220v generator.

Direct Current (DC) Generator:

DC generators generator current flows in only one direction.

Usually it is use for high power project like subway systems etc.

Portable Electric Generator:

Standby generator should be install permanently whereas portable generator has a compact design and mobility features so that it can install anywhere even at backyard of the home.

Moreover, portable generator is cheap and don’t require too much installation time than standby generators.

But the limitation is portable generator can run for few hours and can be handy for low power electric appliances.

Portable Generator buying guide: 9000 watt generator.

We would recommend you to choose portable generator at least which power is 5000KW. Because that output can power up the whole house, lightning, and refrigerator so that your food won’t be spoiled.

There is some famous generator brand which manufactures quality portable power generator, diesel generator, inverter generator like Cummins generator, Perkins generator John Deere etc.

How electric start generator:

Before staring a generator its very ignited to maintain the voltage issue. After maintain that issue, a required power send by self key pressing. Then the direct current pass from the battery and hit the engine.

Once when voltage comes from the battery its turning the engine and direct spark and ignited fuel and it’s turning on.

Pro Tips:

  • Never add gas while the generator is running.
  • Never overload the generator with fuel.
  • Use heavy duty extension cords to prevent fires and other risks.
  • Always keep in mind the basic safety of your house and generators.

Frequently Asked Question:

Questions: What type of generator should choose for camping?

Well, you can choose portable generators for its mobility, cheaper price, and its power output.

Questions: What type of generator will be the perfect choice for home?

It entirely depends on your requirements. If you need to run the appliances, then choose a backup generator. If you want to run the appliances for short time, then you can choose a portable generator.

Questions: What is the similarity of inverter generator and portable generator?

The similarity between the inverter generator and portable generator is their uses. Both of these generators are used for power-up low power appliances.


So, we talk all about the generators that you need to know. There are more things in the generator. If you want to know about it feel free to contact us. I hope you enjoy this article.

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