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How to Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch!

If your wondering for your house, about how to connect the generator to house without a transfer switch. Here you are to get an exact solution at a cheap rate.

Here you will find the step by step process, how to achieved this.

There is some simple step or method for portable electric generator. This simple method is totally safe and legal procedure for your Genset. It’s not harmful for your portable generator. Also this simple low cost method save your money and time away. If you have already generator then, not need to too much cost to convert this. Only need to pay a cost to electrician.

Check bellow you will find how to connect portable generator to house without transfer switch?

Things you need to connect House without transfer switch:

  • Breaker.
  • Interlocking kit.
  • Electrical wires.
  • Safety tools.
  • Others Tools Case, Including: (wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, and pliers).

Transfer Switch Connecting Method:

  1. Maintain Safety:

Before start this you need have considers about maintain protective gear. Safety is always on before started.

Also, need to consider about that, don’t use a plug that is use to male to male and this plug is not directly connect with to the breaker this dangerous to cause to fire out.

  • Ampere Figure out:    

After done this safety issue undertake your cover it, Then the next step will be you need to measure out the plug type and ampere your genset.

Plug will help to to convert the power on both side. There is other way you can find the ampere in the plug stickers. After this you need to drilling to pass the wire.

  • Assemble All Together:

After all this need to assemble the material together. Then you need to inlet the power cable to the exterior wall. Connect the plug to the generator. The power terminal will be the same as the generator output. After inlet, the wire makes sure to maintain the distance, and after this drill the wall. After going through the power inlet the mountain. After this with safety fixed glue and conduit. Then from the conduit body, all types of wire safely install. When its retainer connected with a wire. Now you can cover up the breaker box.

How Long Can A Generator Run?

Portable generator is help to to backup to your home. And its help to run a to way tor small shop solution and a house. Its best solution for your home when the electricity is outage.

However, here is the main solution about the generator running. Many people says there is generator is running a away 08-12 Hours. But here is the actual suggestion from expert engineering team.

Your generator need to run each time 5 Hr.- 6 Hr. After 30 Minutes rest you can run again 5 hr – 6hr.

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