How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch?

How to Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch!

Have you got a generator in your house but you do not have a transfer switch? Keep the tension aside for a while. Relax yourself a little first. Because here is the solution for your question how to connect a generator to a house without a transfer switch. You will like to know about this method so eagerly that your tension in the mind will go away. You will be happy when your generator will be connected to your home and all the electricity needed in an emergency will be resumed. 

I will tell you all the required things and ways for connecting the generator without a transfer switch. So let us read how to connect the generator with no transfer switch and add life to the electrical things in your beautiful home. Buy 500kVa Perkins generators.

How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch?

Before looking for the method to connect a generator to your house without a transfer switch you must see the information given below. You should keep in mind that when you are not using a transfer switch you will require some things. In the following, you will come to know about them. Let see what things are they.

Requirements For Generator Connection Without Transfer Switch

The things that you require for connecting a generator to your house without a transfer switch are given in the following. You would also like to know that why they are required. So for your better understanding, it is also mentioned in the following. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. Electrical Tool Kit

An electrical tool kit is a basic requirement while working in the electricity. In your tool kit, you should have things like screwdrivers, tapes, wire cutters, etc. You will also need some of the other primary tools that are necessary for the house works. Get some sharp and blunt chisels, filling materials, etc as you may need it for drilling and furnishing the walls when you drill it.

  • Safety Gear

As the work is related to the electricity you should always have the safety gears with you. The set of the gumboots with shock-resistant material, eyeglasses for protecting the eyes. Hand gloves for working with the equipment and protecting from injuries. You can use other essential gears like a cap while working so that nothing injures your head.

  • Electric wires

For getting a connection from the generator to the house you will require wires. The electricity panel or the boards you have in the house should be connected with the help of a good quality wire. You should do the coding of the wires so the proper connection is done.

  • Interlock kit

You will require the right interlock kit for your generator. It is necessary when you do not have a transfer switch it will help you to connect the generator to the house. It must be compatible with your generator’s requirements and model. This is less powerful but less expensive than a transfer switch.

  • Breaker

The breaker is needed to regulate the electricity and voltage. You will need to select a breaker that corresponds to the output of your generator and the needs of your house. A 30 double volt breaker with two poles is suitable for most houses. You should make sure it is also compatible with your generator.

  • Inlet Plug

There should be an inlet plug to connect the generator. It should be able to be attached to the generator with a big round plug socket. The generator should state the voltage it is rated for, and your plug should be compatible with your generator.

Now let us see the steps to connect a generator to a house without a transfer switch. However, I recommend you to call an expert person to do this work. The wrong step can lead to an accidental hazard. A person who has proper knowledge about electricity can help you very well. See any capacity generator collection.

Steps To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

The steps that you should know on how to connect the generator to the house without a transfer switch are given below. Please check them in the following.

  1. Wear your safety gear and have all the things required near you.
  2. Select a proper entry point for your house where you want to place the generator.
  3. Now drill the hole on the house wall of sufficient size so that the wiring will fit easily in it. Remember that there should be enough space between the generator and the hole.
  4. The next thing you need to do is mounting the power inlet on the outside wall of your house. Keep it away from the hole so that you can access it easily and the wiring will be safe and convenient.
  5. After this, you will need to turn off the main power supply switch of your house to proceed with further work.
  6. Now set the connection to the power inlet. Pass the wires through one at a time, making sure that all are connected at the right position and safely.
  7. You will need to add the connection of the breaker in between the breaker box of the generator.
  8. After installing the breaker you will have to connect the inlet wires to the breaker.
  9. At last cover the breaker box so that it will remain safe and protected from the environment.
  10. Now you can use the generator after a power outage by connecting the inlet plug with the generator.


This was good information that helped you to know how to connect a generator to the house without a transfer switch. You understood the easy way of connecting the generator to your house when you do not have a transfer switch. The article you read has saved your time and has told you every detail that you should know about the connection of the generator without a transfer switch. You came to know that what are the things required for connecting a generator when you do not have a transfer switch. In the above, we discussed the steps in detail which were easy to understand as well as easy to do. However, as I told you that you should always take the help of a professional to work with electricity. After reading this information now you will be able to connect your generator to the house without a transfer switch properly. The above solution will help you and also save your precious time in an emergency.

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