200 kva diesel generator bangladesh – Generator 150 kw
200 kVA diesel generator price in Bangladesh

200 kva diesel generator bangladesh – Generator 150 kw

NEVE কর্পোরেশন বাংলাদেশ থেকে সব ধরনের জেনারেটর কিনুন সাশ্রয়ী দামে, আমাদের কাছে পার্কিন্স জেনারেটার, কাম্মিনস জেনারেটার, লোভল জেনারেটার, Weichai জেনারেটার ও রিকার্ডো জেনারেটার ব্র্যান্ডে এর সব জেনারেটার রয়েছে। যেকোনো ক্যাপাসিটি কিনতে পারবেন। ৫ কিলো ওয়াট থেকে ১০০০ কেভিএ পর্যন্ত।

Power generation equipment produced by Ricardo Corporation includes the 200 kVA (150 kW) Ricardo generator. Known for designing and manufacturing engines, generators, and other power-related machinery, Ricardo is a well-known business.

To learn more about the 200 kVA Ricardo generator, read on:

Power Output: The generator’s power output is 200 kVA, or 150 kW, hence it has a 150 kW rating. This indicates that it can deliver 150 kilowatts of electricity continuously, making it appropriate for a range of uses, including industrial, commercial, and domestic ones.

Engine: A top-notch Ricardo engine powers the generator. The engine model is R6110ZLD. The dependability, effectiveness, and durability of Ricardo engines are well known. They are made to resist difficult working conditions and are intended to provide constant performance.

Fuel Type: Diesel is the intended fuel type for the Ricardo generator. Diesel generators are renowned for their long-term cost-effectiveness and fuel economy. When a dependable and constant power source is needed, they are frequently selected.

Control panel: The generator has an easy-to-use control panel that makes operation and monitoring possible. Various indicators and controls, including voltage meters, frequency meters, circuit breakers, and start/stop buttons, are frequently seen on the control panel.

Noise Level: To achieve quieter operation, Ricardo generators are built with noise-reduction features. Ricardo generators normally attempt to create a reasonably quiet working environment, while the specific noise level may vary depending on the type and design.

If purchase from Neve Corporation these services you will get from us:

Reputation and Reliability: Investigate the reliability and reputation of Neve Corporation in the market. To determine whether a company can be relied upon to produce high-quality items and first-rate customer service, check out customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials.

Warranty and Support: Enquire about the Ricardo generator’s warranty from Neve Corporation. A trustworthy guarantee may provide you peace of mind and shield you from any potential flaws or problems. Make sure Neve Corporation provides thorough after-sales support as well, including the availability of replacement parts and maintenance services.

Price and Value: To be sure you are receiving a reasonable deal, compare the price of the Ricardo generator at Neve Corporation with that of other vendors. Examine the entire value by weighing the Neve Corporation’s quality, features, and after-sales services.

Delivery and Installation: Enquire about Neve Corporation’s delivery procedures and installation services. Make sure they have the knowledge necessary to correctly manage the generator’s shipping, installation, and commissioning.

Local Regulations and Compliance: Check that the Ricardo generator and any related services provided by Neve Corporation adhere to applicable local laws and regulations.

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