250 kva Cummins generator Bangladesh – Cummins Generator 200 kw
২৫০ kva কাম্মিনস জেনারেটর - 250 kva Cummins Generator - NEVE Corporation

250 kva Cummins generator Bangladesh – Cummins Generator 200 kw

২৫০ কেভিএ কাম্মিনস জেনারেটর কিনুন NEVE কর্পোরেশন থেকে। এটির আউটপুট রেটিং রয়েছে ২০০ কিলো ওয়াট। আমাদের কাছে ওপেন টাইপ, সাইলেন্ট টাইপ সহ বিশ্বের নামি দামি পার্কিন্স ব্র্যান্ড, কাম্মিনস ব্র্যান্ড, লোভল ব্র্যান্ড, weichai ব্র্যান্ড সহ নতুন পুরাতন সব জেনারেটর রয়েছে বিক্রয় এর জন্য।

Customers looking for a dependable and potent generator solution should strongly consider the 250 kVA (200 kW) Cummins generator with the NT855-GA engine type. We want to share with you some important information regarding this generator, so please read on:

Model of the engine: The Cummins NT855-GA engine is an established and well-respected engine noted for its toughness, effectiveness, and performance. It is a 4-stroke, turbocharged engine made especially for demanding tasks like power production.

Power Output: This generator has a 200 kW peak power output and a 250 kVA standby power output. Under normal working circumstances, it can produce 200 kW of continuous power, and during crises or power outages, it can manage peak loads of up to 250 kVA.

Fuel Efficiency: The NT855-GA engine is renowned for its ability to maximize running expenses for clients. It is made to have great fuel consumption rates, which lowers total fuel costs when used for a long time.

Reliability: Cummins is well known for its durable and dependable engine technology. The NT855-GA engine is designed to function consistently under challenging operating circumstances. To ensure enduring durability, it is built using high-quality components and put through thorough testing.

Compliance with Emissions Regulations: Cummins engines are built to adhere to strict emission standards. Due to the NT855-GA engine’s compliance with pertinent emissions criteria, local laws and environmental responsibility are upheld.

Service and Support: Neve Corporation, an authorized Cummins dealer, offers thorough service and support for the 250 kVA Cummins generator. Our specialized team of Cummins engine handling professionals provides expert maintenance, repair, and spare parts support.

Guarantee: Cummins offers a guarantee for the generator that covers production flaws and damaged parts. For your investment’s peace of mind, Neve Corporation will support you with any warranty claims or problems that may surface within the covered term.

After-Sales Support: Neve Corporation provides dependable after-sales assistance to handle any questions, worries, or technical difficulties the customer may experience. For a seamless and positive customer experience, our devoted support team is available to offer assistance through phone, email, or online chat.

Extended Service Contracts: For clients who want more protection and assurance, we also offer extended service contracts. These agreements include customized maintenance plans, priority assistance, and extended warranty terms in order to fit the needs of the customer.

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