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Lovol Diesel Generator 62kVA 50kW – “50kw Lovol Generator” – “60kVA Lovol Generator” – Canopy.

There is so much option out of the market when it comes to generators. So you have to choose the right one for your places which will be served through perfect appliances. Lovol 62kVA/50kW diesel generator is such a kind of generator that will ensure high-quality materials as well as shows you good performances.
Though it is 62kVA powered, yet it has high power density and low fuel consumption that will makes it an excellent choice for small businesses. Lovol puts enough features and advantages in these generators to increase their stability and reliability. So, there would be no questions about its performances.

Power Rating in Prime: 65.5kva / 50kw, Fuel Cumsumesion: 7.0 ltr/Hr, Engine: Lovol Engine, Alternator build: Stamford. Warranty: 01 years. Engine Model: 1004TG.

Here is Ricardo’s 80kva generator link.


Additional information

Weight 1150 kg
Dimensions 2250 × 900 × 1650 cm


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