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All you need to know about Diesel Generator

You may face trouble while choosing the right diesel generator, as it is quite challenging to decide. But we are here to help you to choose the generator that will be right for you. However, there are so many considering things while selecting the diesel generators. 

We design this article using a diesel generator, types, specifications, features, maintenances tips, and diesel generator’s benefits. If you want to know about diesel generators, then keep reading this article. I hope you will see a lot about diesel generators.

What is Diesel Generator?

Usually, a diesel power generator is a machine that is used to converts the chemical energy (diesel) to electrical energy by diesel engines and electric generators. There are more things in diesel generators like fuel tank, radiator, and control panel, and this is an emergency power supply that there is no need for the power grid.

Types of Diesel Generators

Three types of diesel generators are industrial, air-cooled or water-cooled, and power output. In those types, generators are differed by size, model, and design through the manufacturers. So, we are going to let you know about those three types of diesel generators.

Industrial or Residential generators

Since industrial generator ought to be used in industry, the generators’ size is significant, and it can provide high power due to the high demand for the industry. Because the industry has a high demand, and they choose high power and big generators.

Whether Residential generators are small in size and used to use in shop, office, or house. Because a small diesel generator provides a specific range of power. 

Air-cooled or Water cooled generator

Air cool generator depends on air for cooling the system, and it has no additional part for cooling, whereas water cool generator depends on Water for cooling. 

A water-cooled generator needs more maintenance than air-cooled generators.

Power output

Well, diesel generator power output can be classified according to their power. For example, a 4KVA diesel generator can provide enough ability to run AC, computer, ceiling fans, etc. that types of diesel generator are suitable for home and shops.

But a 2000KVA diesel generator can fulfill a whole industry demands with its massive power. 

Specifications that you should know about Diesel Generator

Power: power is the most important thing before you purchase a diesel generator. You must have the knowledge that what is the requirement for your home or office that a generator can provide. So you can choose the right of the generator. Usually, a diesel generator power range starts from 2.5 KVA up to 2000 KVA.

Phase: there are two types of phases in diesel generators like single-phase and 3 phases generator. You need to know which connection is suitable for your home or service, and you can choose accordingly.

Fuel consumption: another essential thing that you should check for diesel generator is its fuel consumption. You have to measure the diesel generator’s fuel consumption per hour and kilowatt and check the fuel efficiency that how much loads it can bear.

Power management systems: you have to check out the power management systems to optimize fuel consumption and control the generator’s performance with respect to the load.

Portability and size: you should choose a generator with wheels or something like that can reduce the hassle of transportation and ease the job. Moreover, also keep in mind the size so that it can’t take too much space.

Noise: noise could be a problem in a diesel generator. Though nowadays, noise absorption technology is including in the diesel generators that will help. Many quiet diesel generator models and brands like Cummins generator, John Deere generator, Perkins generator, etc. 

Features of the Diesel Generator that must lookout

Protectable control panel: make sure that the generator you choose has a weather protectable control panel to protect the generator from dust, dirt, rain, etc.

Outlets: ensure that your generator outlets are circuit breaker protected. 

Choose the generator that has all types of outlets that goes with your home and enterprise.

Fuel tank: the larger the fuel tank, the longer the service you get. So, choose the more massive fuel tank generator.

Engine: one of the essential features you have to check out. You have to choose an overhead valve diesel engine generator that will ensure efficiency, longer life, high run time, and fuel efficiency.

Good quality muffler: the right quality muffler will reduce the noise. So, make sure that the generator you choose has a quality muffler.

Benefits of Diesel Generator

Without any doubt, a diesel generator is far more significant compared with the petrol generator and also the most excellent investment. Many people are confused about this if it works great and the benefits of using a diesel generator. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. We will let you know about the benefits of a diesel generator.

Fuel efficiency

One of the most significant advantages you get from a diesel generator is fuel efficiency. A diesel generator can run for a long time with full capacity. But some of the models of petrol generators cannot do half of the diesel generator. 

Less maintenance

Another pleasure thing about diesel generators is it takes less maintenance than a petrol generator because diesel-powered engines take less maintenance. 

The diesel generator is not decorating with carburetors. So, they don’t need to rebuild the carburetors if they fail. 

One mandatory thing that must do in a diesel generator is you have to change the oil regularly.

Lasts for a long time

Diesel-powered engine generator lasts for a long time comparing to the typical petrol generator. It also provides the same services years after year.

Safety management

Since we are talking about the electric device, so we have to consider specific risks about that. But you can be sure that diesel generator doesn’t have the chance of ignition compared to petrol.


Last but not least, the fuel which is used in a diesel generator is cheaper compared to the petrol generator. Moreover, the engine also takes fewer pennies from you. That’s a great relief that the diesel generator price is low that you can easily purchase. 

Diesel Generator maintenance that should be done

Exhaust system inspection

During welds, gaskets, and connection points, you may notice some leaks in the exhaust lines. This line must be repaired immediately by an expert technician.

Keep your generator clean.

For lasting the generator, you have to keep your generator clean. However, oil drips and other issues may visualize when the generator is clean. So, keep your generator clean.

Testing batteries

The common cause of standby power system failure is weak and undercharged batteries. The battery has to charge all the time altogether. 

The battery must be clean, and the electrolyte level has to check frequently. If it is not ok, then either you have to repair or change the battery.

Moreover, you have to check the cooling system, fuel system, lubricating services, and regular generator services to keep your generator efficient.


So, we talk all about the diesel generator that one must know. There are more criteria while buying a generator like a manufacturer’s reputation, warranty period, generator unit, etc. We hope that you will get help and grow your knowledge about diesel generators by reading this article. 

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