500 kva Diesel generator Bangladesh – Generator 400 kW
500 kVA Generator Price

500 kva Diesel generator Bangladesh – Generator 400 kW

As a Bangladeshi company, NEVE CORPORATION provides 500 kva, Lambert. Diesel generator with a 400-kilowatt rating powered by a Lambert D2765A1 engine. The engine and generator are described in further detail below:

Features of the generator:
500 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) of power output
The generator has a 500 kVA maximum power output capacity.
It is made to supply electricity for a range of uses, including industrial facilities, commercial structures, or as a backup power source.
Model of engine: Lambert D2765A1

The particular engine type that drives the generator is the Lambert D2765A1.

Here are some general information and suggestions if you’re searching for a 500 kVA (400 kW) diesel generator:

400 kilowatts (kW) or 500 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) is the generator’s maximum power output. This rating indicates the generator’s maximum allowable electrical load.

Diesel Engine: A diesel engine powers the generator. Diesel generators are renowned for their robustness, effectiveness, and lengthy operating times. They are a standard option for applications requiring continuous or standby power.

Brand and Model: There are various brands of dependable diesel generators on the market. The well-known brands Cummins, Perkins and Lambert are just a few examples. To pick a reliable and functional model for your needs, it is advised to study and compare several manufacturers.

Fuel Efficiency: Take into account the generator’s fuel efficiency, since this will affect the long-term expenses of operation. Look for generators that deliver top performance while yet having reasonable fuel consumption rates.

Noise Level: If you’re worried about noise, look for generators that include modern muffler systems or soundproof enclosures as noise-reduction measures. This may be crucial if the generator will be placed near homes or other sensitive areas.

Control system: Determine whether the generator has an intuitive control system that makes it simple to monitor, maintain, and operate the machine. Convenience and effectiveness may be improved by adding features like digital displays, remote monitoring capabilities, and automatic start/stop mechanisms.

Warranty and Support: Make sure the generator is covered by a thorough warranty and that the supplier or manufacturer provides dependable after-sales services. This is crucial for future maintenance and repair requirements.

Compliance and Safety: Check the generator’s compliance with applicable safety requirements and certifications needed in your area. This guarantees the generator’s dependability and compliance with safety rules.

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