Cummins 62kva Diesel Generator

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৳ 840,000.00 ৳ 850,000.00

Cummins 62kva Diesel Generator – “50kw Cummins Generator” – “62kVA Cummins Generator” – Canopy.

With great appliances, life becomes more comfortable. Cummins is such a kind of manufacturers that maintains its product with great service and quality. Cummins 62Kva diesel generator is ideal for business, office, and other places and with its multiple features, it will render great service after all.
This generator is easy to use, reliable, and highly efficient. Four-cylinder and four-way protection systems are included to this generator to less maintenance. Maintenance-free batteries and auto and manual start options make it easier to use. Cummins 62Kva diesel generator is a heavy-duty generator with many benefits that will increase productivity.

Prime: 62kva / 50kw, Engine made: Cummins Power. Voltage.-380v./440, Per Phase Amp- 79 amp. Three Phase.

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